The Smilebite brand helps to take proper care of your dazzling smile. The offer includes products that perfectly nurture the teeth, oral cavity, and delicate lip skin. Our cosmetics are distinguished by simple formulas, natural ingredients, and unique design. They are second to none in terms of cleansing and whitening. A brand developed for people who are mindful of and sensitive to aesthetics.


  • Perfect for fast regeneration and hydration of chapped lips. Sugar crystals remove dry skin, leaving the lip surface perfectly smooth. The product’s natural ingredients protect the lips against environmental factors and make their skin resilient and hydrated.

    Lip Scrub 15 ml

  • Nourishes and intensely hydrates. The balm contains natural ingredients that strengthen the lip skin, improving its resilience and firmness as well as making it velvety soft to the touch.

    Lip Balm 15 ml

  • A simple formula consisting of seven effective ingredients. Coconut charcoal, clay, diatomite, calcium carbonate, and soda make the teeth whiter and cleaner. A long-lasting fresh feeling is ensured by xylitol and menthol derived from the mint.

    Tooth Whitening Powder 20 g

  • The formula contains ingredients known for anticaries and antibacterial properties. These ensure proper pH and help fight gum diseases. The mint flavour strongly refreshes and guarantees a long-lasting fresh feeling.

    Mouthwash 300 ml

  • Bamboo toothbrush with soft nylon bristles in two colour options. For everyday use. Vegan product.

    Bamboo toothbrush