Cellulite? It is not taboo for this brand. Let's face the fact: ideally, each woman wants her body to be smooth. And that is not out of reach. Celloo, with its range of various high-quality-ingredient and beautiful-scent products, is here to help. Not only cosmetics but also easy-to-use accessories impress with effectiveness. "WOW!" is the only expression that comes to mind!



  • An anti-cellulite lotion with a rich formula. Avocado oil reduces skin dryness, Centella extract prevents stretch marks and Ginger root extract stimulates circulation and reduces cellulite. Caffeine accelerates fat burning and has draining properties. Vitamin E, on the other hand, has a strengthening effect and improves skin moisture levels.

    Anti-cellulite balm
    Ready to show off
    200 ml

  • The oil improves the condition of skin affected by cellulite. Avocado oil has regenerating, nourishing and protective properties. It has a strengthening and firming effect on the skin. Grape seed oil improves skin tone. Jojoba oil prevents the formation of stretch marks. Ginger root extract improves blood circulation, warms and helps fight cellulite..

    Anti-cellulite oil
    Touch me tender
    200 ml

  • The peeling formula perfectly smooths, moisturises and reduces cellulite.
    Coffee extract reduces fatty tissue, grape seed oil reduces so-called spider veins, while sugar perfectly abrades dead skin and leaves the body pleasantly smooth. Cocoa seed butter prevents stretch marks.

    Anti-cellulite coffee peeling
    100 ml


  • A handy silicone anti-cellulite bubble of unique shape and size. The massage with the bubble helps to smooth and firm the body. Anti-cellulite bubble allows to break up any type of cellulite: fatty, water and fibrous. 

    Anti-cellulite bubble
    Cuddle bubble regular
    Height: 7,8 cm

  • Mini bubble for anti-cellulite massage allows to break up all types of cellulite: fatty, water and fibrous. Regular massage Cuddle bubble mini makes the skin smoother and firmer. 

    Anti-cellulite bubble
    Cuddle bubble mini
    Height: 5 cm

  • An effective anti-cellulite accessory that helps to smooth and firm the body. Massage performed with a hand massager stimulates blood and lymph circulation and breaks up lumps accumulated under the skin. Properly placed massage pads knead the body and help relieve muscle tension.

    Anti-cellulite massager
    Crush my celloo