Brand description

Lili&Mu are natural cosmetics that condition the skin as well as care for the well-being of pregnant women, new mums, babies and young children. The main job of the formulas is to protect the skin against irritation, stretch marks, chafing or excessive dryness. The brand equips parents with essentials for the daily bathing and care of their children – from the very first day of their lives!


A line for mums

  • The oil is a mix of natural oils that ensure the proper hydration and firmness of the abdominal skin. The properties of the ingredients also help prevent stretch marks.

    Belly skincare oil 200 ml

  • The balm moisturises, firms and regenerates the skin. The product contains natural and effective ingredients: shea butter, vegetable oil complex, spirulina, aloe vera and panthenol.

    Body balm 300 ml

  • The goat’s milk allows you to relax and, at the same time, take care of the proper condition of your skin – by firming, cleansing and regenerating it. It is a combination of natural salt, jojoba oil and collagen.

    Goat milk bath powder 220 g

  • The balm soothes irritations, moisturises and regenerates the skin in the sensitive nipple area. The formula is made from beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera extract, grape seed oil and vitamin E.

    Nipple balm 25 ml

A line for babies

  • The cream moisturises, soothes and provides care for the body – something which every baby deserves. The ingredients include natural oils, allantoin, marigold flower extract and arnica extract.

    Soothing face and body cream for babies 100ml

  • Just a little bit of cream is enough to soothe irritated skin. It brings relief and protects against more chafing. The cream contains panthenol, zinc oxide, and a mix of moisturising oils.

    Nappy rash cream for babies and children 75 ml

  • The body oil is a combination of natural oils that moisturise and soothe the skin. It also contains vitamin E, which has extraordinary properties – it renews and protects the skin against moisture loss.

    Natural body oil for babies and children 150ml

  • The gel cleans and moisturises. It can also be used for hair care. The formula contains allantoin, jojoba oil, raspberry seed oil, sunflower seed oil and marigold extract.

    Hair & body gel for babies and children 200 ml

A line for children

  • It nourishes the body, cleanses gently and brings relief. One of the ingredients is aloe vera juice, which is known for its moisturising and soothing properties. The lotion turns every bath into an amazing adventure.

    Bath foam for children 300 ml