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Invite Oh!Tomi to your world and fall in love with stunning fragrances! Refreshing, crisp summer scents and cosy, warming tones come together in delightful cosmetics. With its soft shower mousses, body butters, unique bath salts and body scrubs, Oh!Tomi creates a truly magical, irresistible showering and bathing experience. Who says it has to be boring? Discover the magic of Oh!Tomi.

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  • Delicate, sugar body scrub Oh!Tomi will delight you with its coarse texture, luxurious scents and juicy colours. Inside you will find only the good ingredients you know so well! Natural sugar crystals have been added to the nourishing shea butter and grape seed oil. This is a real wealth of vitamins C and E. Thanks to them your body will be fantastically smooth, firm and supple.

    Body scrub
    250 g

  • Oh!Tomi body butter contains, among others, shea butter, cocoa beans, avocado oil and numerous vitamins. Each butter in the Dreams collection is designed to give you a sense of luxury and relaxation. It moisturises, helps the skin regain its silkiness and protects it from the harmful effects of the environment. Ideal for tired, dull skin.

    Body butter
    200 g

  • Oh!Tomi aromatic bath salt contains minerals from sea salt crystals. They have a firming and smoothing effect, while softening and moisturising the body. Sea salt improves blood circulation in the skin, oxygenates it and gently scrubs. It stimulates skin cells to renew themselves. It also has an antibacterial effect, soothes and alleviates minor irritations.

    Bath salt
    300 g

  • The washing foam from the Oh!Tomi Dreams collection will take your senses to distant, tropical lands. Sweet and fruity scents are a real delight for the body and soul. They relax, calm you down and, at the same, time give you energy to act.

    Shower mousse
    250 ml


  • Hello Slim Day Oh!Tomi is part of a two-step teatox based on natural ingredients. One sachet of Hello Slim Day tea contains, among others, green tea, yerba mate, apple, hibiscus or guarana. The tea gives you energy for the whole day, speeds up metabolism, reduces fatigue and suppresses appetite. The tea will help you get rid of toxins from your body and burn unnecessary calories.

    Day Teatox
    30 sachets / 30 days of treatment

  • Night tea is part of a two-step teatox. It was created for people with active lives who like to calm down and relax at the end of an intense day. The tea contains only natural ingredients, such as mint, lemongrass, orange peel, ginger root, apple, chicory root and liquorice. The tea soothes tension and stress. In addition, it accelerates digestion and reduces flatulence.

    Night Teatox
    30 sachets / 30 days of treatment

  • Vitamins with a subtle, sweet mango flavour with a slight hint of acidity. Daily dose of vitamins and zinc in the shape of small shells. They improve immunity and the proper functioning of the nervous system, as well as protect cells from oxidative stress and free radicals.

    270 g / 30 days of application

  • Dietary supplement – jelly beans that help you relax and fall asleep faster. They contain melatonin, hops cone extract and vitamin B6. Each jelly bean owes its great taste to concentrated fruit and vegetable juices.

    Sleeping jelly beans
    270g / 60 days of use


  • The decorative scented candle by Oh!Tomi is an excellent recipe with a long burning time. It allows you to enjoy its original aromas for up to 40 hours. Each fragrance version presents different pastel colours and surprising compositions of fruity notes.

    Scented candle
    85 g

  • An effervescent bath ball with a wonderful fragrance. Intensely moisturises the body, while natural oils nourish and smooth the skin.

    Sparkling bathing ball
    120 g

  • Each soap from the Natural Soap collection contains glycerine and panthenol. Thanks to them the product soothes minor irritations and leaves the skin soft and delicate. Additionally, each of them has been enriched with natural extracts which have strengthening, anti-aging and refreshing properties. Oh!Tomi natural liquid soap is up to 95% natural ingredients.

    Natural liquid soaps
    300 ml

  • Bar soaps from the ALOHA collection delight with wonderful, energising fragrances. Handmade soaps with glycerine and olive oil create a creamy foam that wraps every inch of your skin. The soap cleanses and moisturises perfectly.

    Bar soaps
    100 g

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