Abriga's values

Constant learning

Nobody is perfect and omniscience does not exist. There is always room for improvement. Each day brings a chance to learn. The only condition is to seize the opportunities we get.

Open communication

A heated debate exemplifies intensive work. Looking at a task from a different perspective often changes its perception. Open discussion and mutual respect are essential building blocks to understand each other.

Design & Details

Perfectionists in what we do, paying attention to the tiniest details, working with great passion and one-hundred-percent commitment. This is who we are. This is what all-round excellence looks like.


Bringing unrivalled enjoyment brings energy to work. Abriga's House of Brands delights customers with its products, which is even better than a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Constantly raising the bar, our team strives to offer unparalleled experience and more.

Abriga - House of Brands

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Be proud of what you do

Bringing joy by discovering beauty

Abriga is an expert in creating unique products for the global cosmetic market. Adopting a comprehensive approach, the company encompasses top-quality products within the beauty brands that together form the House of Brands.
Abriga's product portfolio is characterised by high-quality formulas, effectiveness and sustainable packagings. The masterminds behind the process plan every stage of product production down to the last detail. Original design, which delights customers, always emerges in collaboration with world-famous designers from Poland and abroad.
Constantly exploring the trends, Abriga is also an expert in marketing campaigns and brand development. Each of the brands can be distinguished by a unique communication strategy, personalised campaigns and ads. Each year, Abriga's cosmetics win prestigious awards and are present in the media: both widely-read press and TV programs.


Bringing joy by discovering beauty is Abriga's passion. It is the guiding principle when creating each brand and every single project. Abriga's team wants to entrance the customers not only by the quality and design of their products but also by the experience of using them. Creating brands which are admired and loved worldwide is a great privilege.


Professional expertise is an integral part of Abriga's team. Broad knowledge of ingredients, product properties and functioning is fundamental. The team monitors not only the technical aspects but also sales and customer care process. Customers' needs are carefully listened to and suggested innovations are implemented.


Friendly WorkspaceAbriga is a prize-winner of FRIENDLY WORKPLACE which is awarded to companies that implement unique pro-workers solutions. Company culture is built up by every employee's action, 365 days of the year. The possibility to create new, extraordinary things in a friendly working environment is an additional bonus, a big part of the success, and strong motivation. Among others, the following aspects of working in Abriga have been appreciated: welcoming atmosphere, partnership, honesty, socially-oriented initiatives of the workers, relationship-building through the time spent together, green relax zones, and the respect for work-life balance.