Training and practice are importat sources of people to fill vacancies in Abriga. That is why, regardless of whether you are a student who wants to improve skills or a graduate who wishes to implement already-acquired abilities, you have a chance to become a part of Abriga's team.

Becoming a part of Abriga means you have to prepared for rapid pace and many tasks. On the other hand, however, you can be sure that you will learn a lot and your skills will be appreciated. You will be a part of real projects, gaining experience working within world-famous brands.

Experience shows that the diligence and commitment of trainees and interns have resulted in permanent employment in Abriga. The best of them have officially joined the prestigious team in areas such as marketing, sales, HR, or accounting.

Abriga invites students and post-graduates who want to kick-start their professional career in a creative team. Internship in Abriga is accompanied by the professional support of experienced colleagues. It is also a solid dose of knowledge that you will later use
in your working life.


Abriga is a place where there is never too much of qualifications.
The variety of topics and projects we do creates unlimited opportunities for professional development in every area. We work with brand marketers, PR professionals, graphic designers, copywriters,
but also programmers, lawyers, financiers, and analysts.

The ideal candidate is a proactive leader in their area who is not afraid of changes, likes to work in a dynamic environment and takes the initiative. The perfect candidate is constantly on the lookout for challenges and opportunities for development.
The people we look for want to achieve their goals and are open to new experiences and challenges which we will set.

What is crucial for us is the candidates' competence and attitude,
but we also want to make sure that they share our mission and values.

We work with professionals, which offers substantial benefits for both parties. We set specific goals and we work towards them.
We know that our success depends on patience and self-discipline.
That is why we do our best to enjoy mutual success.


The recruitment process you will be part of is prepared very carefully long before the application reaches us. Our People Department along with your future superiors and other people you will work with create a job description and candidate profile that best suits the assigned tasks. We want our future co-worker to be well-matched, identify with important values for our company, realize his passion, learn and develop his skills while performing duties with full commitment at the workplace.
What stages can you expect during the recruitment process?
  • Assessment of application documents:
    At this stage we will analyze candidates' CVs. We will check whether you fulfill the requirements specified in the job ad. If you do not meet all of the requirements, but you are convinced that the position we offer is perfect for you - tell us about it in the cover letter.
    We are looking for candidates who can fight for their professional dreams.

  • Phone interview:
    We value your and our time and that is why we first suggest an interview over the phone. During the conversation, an HR specialist will tell you more about the position you are applying for and will make sure you accept the aspects related to the office location, working hours and conditions. It is possible that at this stage we will also verify your fluency in foreign languages. Only if you are sure that this is really a position for you, and we will be almost sure that you can be a match for our team, we will invite you for an interview in the office.

  • Recruitment meeting:
    You will receive information about the interviewers. Most often, the company is represented by an HR specialist and your future supervisor. The interview lasts max. 90 minutes. Sometimes we ask candidates to show us their skills in practice. We may ask you to do a task and present it during the recruitment meeting.

  • Decision:
    We always provide feedback to all candidates who have been invited to an interview. We will give you a call max. 2 weeks after we have held the last interview. If we ask you to join our team, we will discuss the conditions and your start date over the phone. If we do not decide to employ you, we will let you know the reasons for our decision, and we will identify the areas in which you should develop. If you follow our advice, we might be able to offer you a job in the future.


If you are ready to face the real challenge, this is the place that can bring you closer to it. However, be prepared for intensive work, fast pace and working under pressure. Be ready for fantastic atmosphere at work, but also true challenges. Browse our job ads and apply. If we do not advertise the job you are looking for and you are still ready for an adventure, send us your CV and show us your strengths.
Remember that determination in pursuing your goals is a competence we especially appreciate.


  • Passion

    Share your enthusiasm with us.
    Doing things well is not possible without passion. Joy and satisfaction from work always bear fruit. The more engagement, the greater the fun.


    Think for yourself and your team. We are all the creators of success, but also we face failure together. Wise and well-thought-out decisions are welcomed at every stage.

  • Open mind

    Be unconventional. Try new things. Searching for solutions improves our projects. Nothing is impossible. Be more. Do more. Want more.
    We open up our horizons.

  • GREAT Competence

    Make us proud of you! Show us how good you are at what you do. Regardless of whether you calculate algorithms, design logos, or just cook well, each, even the smallest work is part of something really big.


    Show you care. Learning and improving skills are never enough. The desire for continuous development is a natural direction to the top. Read, watch, learn, win. Prove that you are worth more and more every day.

  • Something special

    Surprise us. Show us something extraordinary. Teach us something new. Inspire us and we will inspire you! We have an open mind and we expect the same from our team.


  • Training and development

    Investing in people is the biggest capital, so we continually improve our employees' skills through a system of internal training and training for professionals.

  • Integration
    at work

    The atmosphere in our company is based on friendship and mutual support. It is important for us that, from the very first day, every employee feels as an integral part of the team.

  • Promotion opportunities

    Abriga gives its employees the priority in applying for new posts. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinternal promotion is a natural direction of our human resources development.


    Every employee should be respected and rewarded for their outstanding performance. That is why Abriga recognizes people who stand out from the crowd.

  • Benefit

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
    That is why we care about the well-being of our employees. Benefit cards improve physical fitness. Games and training encourage teamwork and the spirit of competition. Integration meetings allow you to distance yourself from your daily duties.

  • Something special

    The smell of freshly brewed coffee and a portion of fresh fruit for a good morning. Sometimes even delicious home made cake, sushi or pizza.