Abriga's press coverage

Both our company and brands have been featured in popular magazines and websites. Abriga is valued in the media! Our products are constantly tested by journalists and bloggers and their testimonials remain a source of reliable information on the quality and workmanship of all our food supplements, cosmetics, and food products.
  • Świat i Ludzie - No. 1/2017: Long and healthy lashes

    UP mascara by ORPHICA lengthens, volumizes and perfectly separates eyelashes. It is enriched with silver lime extract. Silk nourishes lash follicles and stimulates the regeneration and growth of lashes. Lanolin (natural moisturizing wax) helps the mascara stay on all day. Price: £30
  • Najwspanialsze - No. 1/2017: Vitamin and minerals complex

    Make your dream of beautiful, healthy and shiny hair come true. HALIER is a new brand that has recently appeared on the cosmetic market. Its offer includes innovative hair products which will help men and women enjoy beautiful, healthy and conditioned hair. HALIER products guarantee effectiveness, safety and the highest. All products are created under the strict supervision of professionals to ensure top quality...
  • Kurier Fryzjerski – 2/2017: Complex care for problematic hair

    Your hair compliments your beauty. When you start to experience hair loss, greasy roots and split ends, you know it is time to take care of its condition. So what to do to have shiny, healthy and beautiful hair? Proper daily care is the basis for any type of hair, women's or men's hair. Daily styling, the use of inappropriate hair products or a bad diet can contribute to excessive hair loss...
  • Hair Trendy - No. 1/2017: Complex hair regeneration after winter

    Winter is not the best season for the condition of our hair. Dry and cold air is bad for any hair and that is why regeneration is much needed. Regeneratiing treatments after the winter will bring back the shine. Proper hair care and balanced diet are also key to healthy and beautiful hair. As spring is approaching, it is time to change your hair care regime and start regeneration after the winter. Restore your hair's natural vitality. Try some simple and tested tips and tricks to make your hair look gorgeous again...
  • Eden – No. 2-3/2017: PURE eye serum

    Your under eye skin is the most delicate area of your body. To maintain it in top condition, you need to take care of it properly. One of the products ideal for under eye skin is PURE eye serum. This product is dedicted for customer of all ages.
  • Barber Expert Magazine – No. 1/2017

    Hair loss is a common problem among men. The reason for this can be stress or bad diet. One of the ways to prevent hair loss is proper hair care, which is offered by HALIER hair products from Fortive collection and Hairvity Men...